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Hi I’m Blythe.


Before I get personal with you, I think you should know a bit about me.


Want to know how and why I went from Pro Makeup Artist to Digestive Health Specialist, with a passion for helping busy women look and feel radiant?


It all began while working in the film industry in LA and having an actress who had bad cystic acne.  She tried everything from pills to topical solutions and nothing worked.  Not just that, she felt like she didn’t have enough energy to last the day, which she tried to counteract with coffee always in hand. This left me feeling as though something was being overlooked however I couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was.


Eventually, I  left the film industry to work for a cosmetic company in Beverly Hills.  During that time I was introduced to colon cleansing, raw food diet and juice fasting.  


This lit a fire in me, so I went on to study nutrition and during my studies I met a colon hydrotherapist who suggested training me in it…. I thought to myself what goes in has got come out.  This means when you aren’t nourishing and cleansing your body, your body will rebel in the form of illness, fatigue, premature aging, breakouts, and more.


This led to my OMG moment…..


If I work with people nutritionally and help them to clean/purge their internal organs then my job as a MUA will be much easier because of this truth:


When your body is working optimally, the way it is designed to, you will glow from the inside.


That means, you’ll have more energy than ever before...but not just the rise and crash energy from a cup of coffee, but strong, sustained energy that always lasts the day.


That means, you’ll dramatically reduce (or eliminate) stomach discomfort, gas, bloating, constipation … instead feeling that you’re body is a clean, well-running machine! :)


The means, you’ll wow your friends and clients by just how radiant you are- get ready for no one to believe you when you tell them your real age!


Here, I am a decade later providing thousands of colonics to clients and have witnessed the radiant transformation they’ve made.


What is this whole Radiant Life thing about, anyway?


Radiant is a word I use lots to describe the result that happens when working with me.  During the process of cleaning people out their inner radiance starts to shine forth.  It’s the spark I see from behind the eyes that keeps me doing what I do.


I want to use the word radiant as an acronym to describe a process in which people can use to live a vibrant life and age gracefully.  


[If you want, you can add the acronym]

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